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  1. My son Nicholas is 4 yrs. old and is currently receiving Sensory at your gym with Sam. For sometime now,I have been fighting with the system and pediatricians to get him PT.All of which tell me he will grow out of it. I am extremely frustrated and know that my son needs Physical Therapy especially his left side.
    we have private insurance but you are not within network.
    I have heard great things about you and and was reccomended to you by Sam. Can you help us? Llooking forward to hear from you.
    Marisol Rivera

    1. Hi Marisol,
      Please forgive me, my website has been under construction for the past month and your comment was lost in the renovations of the site. Let me know if you would still like to talk about PT for Nicholas. Please contact me at dorian.pascoe@gmail.com.


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