“Dorian is an extremely knowledgable, passionate and caring therapist. We did a one week DMI Intensive with her and her approach was unlike anything we have ever seen. She very quickly identified the areas our son needed help with and established a plan that resulted in improvements in a very short period of time. She has become someone we wholeheartedly trust with our son and has become a resource to us even long after our intensive ended. We are looking forward to working with Dorian again and highly recommend her to anyone who wants their child to achieve their maximum potential.”

Elizabeth N., mother of a 32 month old with SMG9 genetic disorder, DMI Intensive program, 2023

“We are beyond grateful and lucky to have had the chance for our son to work with Dorian for his gross motor challenges during his infancy. Dorian is an exceptionally talented, intelligent, and skilled physical therapist, and even more importantly a kind, compassionate, flexible, and heartwarming person. To see our son advance and develop so beautifully under her guidance and instruction was nothing short of remarkable – and an enjoyable experience throughout. She made everything so easy, whether it was the scheduling, the billing, the cleanliness and openness of her office. And it was so much fun, as she engages not just the child in the unique exercises but the parents as well, both during the sessions and in her home exercise instructions. Since working with Dorian our son has continued to thrive developmentally with an attitude of adventurism and exploration – and we wholly thank Dorian for fostering that. Simply put, Dorian is the best, and I’d so strongly recommend her time and again!”

Michael and Eliana T., parents of a one year old with Infantile Hypotonia, 2023

“Dorian Pascoe is one of the most wonderful physical therapists I have ever worked with and an all-around outstanding human being. She worked with our daughter, Maya, beginning at 18 months until she was four years old. Since the start of our journey with Dorian, our daughter has made a tremendous amount of progress in the areas of gross motor, sensorimotor, play skills, socio-emotional regulation, and executive functioning. When Maya first joined “Dorian’s gym,” she was fearful of the world around her. Diagnosed as on the autism spectrum, our child was delayed in various developmental stages. Through therapeutic use of practice and extraordinary clinical skills, Dorian was able to encourage Maya to overcome internal fears and become more comfortable with her surroundings. Dorian also worked very closely with Maya’s caregivers to promote generalization and carryover of learned skills. She is patient, kind, understanding and empathetic. In short, Dorian helped open up our daughter’s world and enabled us to establish a closer connection to our own child. We don’t know what we would have done without Dorian and everyone who works at Riverdale Kids Physical Therapy. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts for changing our world for the better.”

-Lauren and Michael G., parents of a four year old with Autism Spectrum Disorder, 2021

“When the city shut down, one of my biggest concerns was keeping physical therapy going for my son and I am so grateful that Dorian started offering telehealth sessions. She has been just as amazing during our virtual sessions as she is in person: creative, spontaneous, flexible, and ever so kind and patient. During telehealth sessions, she taught me how to help my son in our own home and with our own equipment (or lack thereof). It has been an extremely valuable experience for me, as well as for my son.”
Danya K., mother of a three-year-old boy with hemiparesis, Telehealth/2020

“When everyone else dismissed my concerns but my mothers instinct continued to tell me something was wrong, Dorian listened to me and was able to pinpoint the exact problem with my daughter’s movement. With Dorian’s help, my daughter went from barely moving to cruising in just two months’ time with 6 weeks of that over video call! Dorian has a great rapport with children, is extremely patient and helps you become a great teacher for your child. We are so thankful to have found Dorian and for her flexibility in working with us remotely.”
Anna, mother of a one year old with motor planning challenges, Telehealth/2020

“Dorian has been working with our son for over a year. She has been amazing with him. He looks forward to each session even though the work is hard for him. She has pinpointed his issues and works on each one with intention. He has grown and gained tremendously since under her care. Words cannot express our gratitude. Since being in quarantine, Dorian has put in so much effort and has been so thoughtful and organized in developing therapy sessions that I can implement with her direction. She is constantly making changes based on what is working or not. We are so grateful to have our son’s therapy continue during this time.
Rachel, mother of a three-year-old boy with developmental delay, Telehealth/2020

“My daughter began therapy for torticollis about a month before the city shutdown. I was worried about discontinuing therapy but also about continuing it online.  In person, Dorian is so engaging with my daughter.  I wasn’t sure how it would work online. But, it did! Dorian was able to clearly explain and demonstrate what I needed to do with my daughter. She developed individualized programs each week. She video recorded specific exercises. And even via telehealth she engaged my daughter! Thankfully, I have seen such amazing progress. “
Jenny, mother of a 5 month old with torticollis, Telehealth/ 2020

“Dorian’s results have been transformational for my whole family. The joy and confidence I see in my son’s face when he runs out to the playground brings tears to my eyes. He runs with the pack of his neighborhood friends. He is not afraid of rough and tumble play and activities that require coordination. Most importantly, my son has a newfound trust in his body’s abilities.  Dorian’s love and enthusiasm for the children she works with transforms even the hardest work into play. The kids adore her and look forward to their sessions. She worked with me for three years to make sure we were meeting and exceeding the specific goals I had set for my son. Dorian is the gold standard when it comes to pediatric physical therapy.”
Tanya, mother of a five-year-old boy with dyspraxia, 2012

“As both a parent and pediatrician, I would strongly recommend Dorian Pascoe as a pediatric physical therapist.  She quickly identified the key issues for our daughter, who had some gross motor delays, and targeted those issues with exercises that proved to have rapid results.  In my clinical practice, I have encountered many different kinds of therapists, but Dorian stands out as one who possesses a unique combination of clinical skills and professionalism that results in tangible results for her patients.  As a parent, I am grateful for the excellent work that she did with our daughter.  As a pediatrician, I am impressed with her skills.
– Nadine C., M.D. (pediatrician), mother of a 15-month-old girl with developmental gross motor delay, 2012

“As a parent, it has been a pleasure to watch and work with Dorian.  She is a fabulous teacher, continuing to give my husband and me skills to help our sons.  Her understanding of the individual personalities of the children she works with is matched by her tremendous skill and professionalism as a therapist. Dorian’s calm manner provides tremendous confidence and comfort in what can be a confusing and difficult journey.”
– Erica E., mother of a three-year-old boy and a five-year-old boy with hypotonia, 2013

“We do not have enough words to express our gratitude and appreciation for Dorian’s work with our son. Our son, Nate, was diagnosed with torticollis and began seeing Dorian when he was just 5 weeks old. Dorian was nothing but kind and gentle with Nate and made sure to teach us whatever stretches and exercises she was doing in the office so that we could continue the care at home. Nate worked with Dorian until he was one and through each stage of development, she engaged him and always made him laugh and smile. We are thrilled to say that Nate is now a very active, thriving toddler thanks in large part to his work with Dorian!”
– Rachel R., mother of a toddler with torticollis, 2019

“I have worked alongside many therapists and I am well aware that there is a considerable amount of variability among therapists in terms of quality.  Dorian’s knowledge base, expertise, and work ethic are nothing short of remarkable.  Her bedside manner is extraordinary, and she continually updates me on my son’s progress and makes sure I understand how to implement exercises and stretches myself.  My son’s condition is now completely resolved, and I genuinely believe the process would have been longer and more stressful with many other therapists.”confusing and difficult journey.”
– Amanda L., mother of a 7-month-old with resolved torticollis/plagiocephaly, 2014

“This is Maria-Angel’s second year with Dorian as her physical therapist. As parents, we are very pleased to have Dorian as our daughter’s PT. Maria-Angel has progressed terrifically. Dorian is so knowledgeable, and she has always been so compassionate and very flexible and goes out of her way to meet our ever changing needs.  Dorian has provided a lot of helpful tips for at home and exercise solutions that have been very helpful for Maria-Angel. Thank you so much Dorian for being a very important part of our daughter’s progress. God bless your love for children and your profession. “
– Parents of Maria-Angel, a six-year-old girl with Down Syndrome, 2017

“Dorian Pascoe is a talented professional who was highly, highly recommended by another family. My 9-year-old son has now been working with her for more than six years, and she continues to impress us with her creativity, dedication and genuine enthusiasm. She excels at working with children (though my husband is quick to sing her praises as well!) and is always receptive and responsive to our concerns and hopes for our son’s gross motor development. In short, she’s a gem!”
– Amy H., mother of a 9-year-old boy with autism, low muscle tone and scoliosis, 2018

“When we found out our daughter needed PT at 21 months we heard numerous amazing recommendations for Dorian Pascoe.   As expected, Dorian had a long waiting list. We waited a year or so and then we were lucky to start our daughter L with Dorian.   Dorian has engaged our daughter from their first interaction till now three plus years later.  Dorian is the PT par excellence – she is a kind, very talented therapist.  Our daughter has improved by leaps and bounds by working with Dorian . Dorian works with kids at their level and makes it fun! L always looks forward to “playing with Dorian. ”  We feel very lucky to have Dorian as part of L’s team of therapists!”
– Ilana G., mother of a six year old girl with dyspraxia, 2018

“When Dorian began working with us, our son had a tendency to keep his head on one side, resulting in a flat appearance.  Dorian immediately recommended a particular pillow, did exercises with him, and saved him from having a permanently flat head.  She then taught him to sit, stand, walk, climb steps, and always found entertaining ways so that our son enjoyed his sessions and did not feet they were a demanding task or a difficult routine.  She always finds entertaining ways for our son to enjoy his sessions.  While working on various exercises, she sings and teaches words and other skills as to maximize the benefits of  session while maintaining his interest.”
– Emma B., mother of two-year-old boy with Down Syndrome, 2017

“My daughter worked with Dorian from approximately one year until five years old.  My daughter has a neurological condition and had hemiparesis, which is weakness along one side of the body.     My daughter gained so much through working with Dorian.  Her strength, balance and coordination improved greatly.  Dorian is very bright, skilled and very importantly, she is a very special person with whom my daughter formed a wonderful bond.”
– Naomi, mother of a five-year-old girl with hemiparesis, 2016

“We have seen marked improvement over the course of our son’s sessions with Dorian, and are profoundly appreciative to have a therapist of such a high caliber for our son.  In addition to professional competence, she has that rare gift to interact with children with ease and to motivate them.  We hope other children will have the opportunity to benefit from her services as well. “
– Parents of a three-year-old boy with Diamond Blackfan Anemia and hypotonia, 2017

“Both of my children developed torticollis and received therapy from Dorian.  She has an incredible rapport with children.  She would spend time at the beginning developing a bond with them so that they would be comfortable with her.  She always found ways to comfort them while still doing the exercises.  Dorian was always extremely prepared for our sessions.  She knew what exercises she was going to do and had the appropriate tools to do them.  I never worried that I might not have what my children needed because I knew that Dorian would come prepared.  She is a true professional, as well, always returning my emails and phone calls, and she was timely and extremely flexible in creating a schedule that worked for my family.”
– Mother of a 6-month-old boy and 18-month-old girl with resolved torticollis, 2018

“Our son was attending Dorian Pascoe’s practice in order to rehabilitate a fracture in his left leg. She was so flexible in balancing pushing him while also staying supportive, and she always maximized the benefits of the session while maintaining his interest. My son is walking and active again to start the school year all due to the work and dedication of Dorian Pascoe. We are forever appreciative, thank you.
–Hans B., father of six-year-old boy with apraxia and a leg fracture, 2019

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